Workshop 3: Adoption, Fosterage and Kin Care

with Dr Nell Musgrove


Presenting the penultimate workshop of 2015:  Exploring children’s experiences of adoption, fosterage and kinship care beyond the nuclear household.

Dr. Nell Musgrove is an academic and author of The Scars Remain: A Long History of Forgotten Australians and Children’s Institutions. She holds an Australian Research Council Discovery grant (2013-2015): A Long History of Foster Care in Australia: hidden stories of growing up in foster care in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, a project that is being conducted in association with Dr. Dee Michell of the University of Adelaide.

We seek a wide-ranging discussion of perspectives including: historical and contemporary experiences of fosterage and adoption, the impact of these arrangements on health, welfare and educational outcomes and social policy developments for future care.

We invite anyone with an interest to attend, inside and outside academia.

25 September 2015, 10am -1:30pm

Wills Building, Room 553

University of Adelaide, North Terrace

Please RSVP to by the 15th of September 2015



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